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Cologne Festival of Human Rights

The fifth Human Rights Festival of Cologne

Hurray! On June 10th of 2017, the Human Rights Festival is once again taking place.

The Human Rights Festival is celebrating its 5th birthday! It gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas about human rights, democracy, solidarity and global justice and to stand up for a fairer and more sustainable world.
In the fight for human rights we do not only need persistence and perseverance but above all motivated allies such as you by our side!

The festival aims at providing us with energy and cohesion for this enduring effort and should simultaneously inspire new actions. Together, we are going to have discussions and celebrate human rights with music and dancing. As always, the festival is open to all; we want to meet at eye level and in diversity.

This year, the focus of our festival is the topic of climate (in)justice. Global climate injustice comprises that humans suffer from consequences of climate change that were caused in other parts of the world. Climate justice is a concept denoting that every human being including coming generations is to hold the same rights in using the Earth's atmosphere. We invite you to debate the human rights' significance of the growing climate injustice with us.

Deliberately, we chose to give the topic a geographical focus and are paying particular attention to the effects of climate change on the African continent. Africa is going to be the continent most affected by climate change. Further information on this issue is to be found here.

But climate change in Africa is not a topic solely of the future. The consequences of climate change have been hitting the continent for some time, e.g. through desertification, droughts and floods and have had a massive impact on human rights in the region.

The diverse outcome of climate change is destroying habitat as well as agricultural land; drives humans into poverty; may destroy the access to drinking water, food and education and, in the worst cases, leads to armed conflicts or terrorism (see, e.g.: desertification as one reason of the Dafur conflict; link between climate change and Boko Haram).

Together, we want to reflect on the impact of our individual actions upon climate change. Furthermore, we will discuss which options there are to live in a more climate friendly way and in which ways we can advance fairer climate politics.

We are looking forward to a great festival, wonderful encounters, interesting debates, a lot of fun and music!

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